In today's world we all need to take precautions to protect ourselves, our families and our investments. The increasing amount of crime should lead us to consider the need to purchase a video surveillance system. But first lets cover a little history of Video Surveillance.

Systems were initially implemented for use for the police in big cities to control traffic and violence in the streets. Subsequently they began to be used in big business and banks, with cameras that sent the signal to a TV monitor where an operator could switch from one camera to another because only one camera could be seen at a time.

In the 70s multiplexers came allowing the monitor to be divided in four screen, VCRs that recorded the images on videocassettes and more elaborated cameras. These systems were very basic and very expensive.

In the mid-90s appeared the DVR (Digital Video Recording) that can record digital images with higher resolution and allows tagging images with date and time, and access them from remote locations via internet.

Today cameras come with a lot of technological advances such as high resolution, color recording, day/night recording, among others.

Some reasons to install a Video Surveillance System in your Home or Business

* With this video surveillance system you will be able to monitor your home or business any time. If you use them at home you could see who is at your door before you open it or you will be able to observe if somebody is trespassing or causing any damage to your property, allowing you to call the police at the right time.
* In the event of a crime, the use of cameras will give valuable evidence to identify and capture the culprits.
* Most of the insurance Companies will give you a discount if you have your home or business protected by a video surveillance system.
* When you use a video surveillance system at your business, it will help not only to prevent robbery or violence from the outside, but allow the owners to monitor employees for possible theft and to insure good customer service.
* In addition to the foregoing, the use of video surveillance systems with internet access can be an excellent complement to maintain the care of elderly people, being able to verify if they are well, and,if necessary, call for emergency service.

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