Home security alarms can protect the house during vacation, when it is a monitored home security system. This means that the home alarm when triggered can call the monitoring center, where trained operators will immediately alert the authorities. One of the largest threats during vacation is the burglar; this person watches houses to see the movements of the family. When they see there is no movement this is when they attack, breaking into the house and taking what possessions they want, without any consequences. This is not the case when the home alarm system has monitoring, which means it can contact trained operators waiting to alert the authorities.

There are some things that can also be done to help protect the family even better, like the using light timers when on vacation, which can turn lights, televisions and radios on an off at certain times. This can provide the appearance that there are people in the home and it is not empty. Then having the mail and newspapers either stopped or picked up by a friend, family member or neighbor can stop the appearance that no one is at the residence as these will add up quickly. These few steps combined with the home security system, which the window decals and sign in the yard are displayed for burglars to see will stop even the thought of breaking into the residence.

This is because burglars look for certain signs. The first sign they look for is a house with no home security system, the second sign they look for is no one at home. They do not want complications or to risk being caught, which means if they think the alarm system can contact the monitoring center, where the police will be alerted they are not going to attempt to break into the house. Just the same as if they think the family is at home, they do not want this complication either, all they want is to break into an empty house, take the possessions they know are worth money and get out without being seen or caught.

Home security alarms that are monitored put a crimp in this idea for the burglar, because they know that by the time they get into the house the authorities are already on the way. They also know that with the technology advances in these home alarm systems even if they cut the phone lines it will not disable the home alarm from contacting the monitoring center, since these systems can use a cell phone to make the call when the home telephone has been disabled. This can be reassuring for the family that is away on vacation to know that their home is safe, even if the burglar thinks that cutting the phone line will stop the call to the monitoring center. This means vacation can be more relaxing, since there is no fear of going home to a house that has been vandalized by a burglar that causes a loss of possessions and the feeling of being safe at home.

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