Among the most serious and dangerous crimes anyone could experience would be a home invasion or break in. Criminals that would engage in such behavior are dangerous and in some cases violent. That is why it is necessary to take steps and precautions to protect a home from a potential break in. For those curious as to how such protection can be achieved, here are 5 steps to protecting your home:

1.) Don't leave keys outside. Yes, there are still those that will leave a key under the doormat just in case they get locked out of their home. The problem with this strategy is that the key can be accessed by anyone that finds it. And, believe it or not, many burglars will check under the mat as soon as they set foot on your property. They realize some folks still practice this bad habit and they are right there to take advantage of things.

2.) Keep all doors and windows locked and secure. We sometimes have "Hollywood" visions in our minds of burglars using all sorts of advanced tools to gain entry into a residence. This is generally not the case in real life. Many burglars will simply go home to home and see which doors and windows are locked and which ones are open. If you home is unsecured, they will enter it. So, keep all doors and windows locked!

3.) Be sure to maintain a well lit area around the perimeter of your home. Security and motion detector systems are the most helpful. Burglars and criminals need the cover of darkness in order to hide and commit their break ins. When you add light to the scenario, it becomes very difficult for them to commit a break in successfully.

4.) When you are away from home, always be sure to have a neighbor check up on the place. This includes collecting your mail, turning on lights at night, or doing anything that would give the appearance of displaying the fact someone may be home in the residence. Again, burglars always want the safest area to invade. When you present them with the clear problem of an occupied home, they might pass on your residence.

5.) Have a reliable and effective alarm system installed on the premises. This may prove to be the best solution for your needs because an alarm or overall security system will definitely prove to be a deterrent. Burglars and criminals do not want to be caught. When an obstacle is placed in front of them that contributes to their being caught, they probably will skip out on the property and look elsewhere. And such a deterrent is most definitely what you would want in the first place!

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