Technology is no longer the luxury that it used to be. People these days are becoming careless with their things because they live in a world where they thing everyone can afford to have a computer, a laptop, a smartphone, and an MP3 player. As a result of this mentality people are becoming more careless with their things. The hard reality that many of these people end up facing is that with today's economy these kinds of items aren't everyday objects that you can afford to leave unprotected. The fact is that within the last two years the rate of property crimes across the country has risen to a point where people are feeling the effects.

Now it seems that people who are careless in terms of safekeeping their items and home security are finding out the hard way that they need to protect what they have. They are only realizing after a crime happens to them or someone close to them that they need to be more careful. And as these crimes happen with more frequency, they are starting to see it in places they never expected and are looking for a way to protect themselves. The first step for people is to really consider the necessity of taking things with them outside of their home. Will they really need to use their laptop today; are they going to use their iPod while they are on the bus? If the answers are yes, then they need to have a plan as to how to protect these items.

The most important thing you can do is be aware of your surroundings at all times and don't make yourself an easy target. Pay attention if you feel like someone seems overly interested in your phone while you have it out to text a friend, or if the person next to your seems to be standing too close on the subway and bumping into your laptop bag too much. Take the time to check that you have all these items every time you enter or a leave a place. Also, don't make them easily accessible or draw a lot of attention to them. This can be done by putting your laptop in a backpack or a messenger bag, rather than a specialized laptop bag. You can also still listen to your iPod or talk on your phone, but you can have these items stores in a pocket or a bag with the head phones or Bluetooth headset on your person. This way these items aren't left out in the open in the path of temptation for others.

Another important step to take is in protecting your house or apartment. Getting a home security system will ensure that all of the items you don't take with you for the day will be protected. Having a home alarm system in place and activated while you are away will keep your residence and all of your valuables in protected around the clock. You can set an alarm to be on while you are away at work for the day, away for a weeklong vacation, or even when you are at home sleeping. The home security systems that are available today also don't rely on someone hearing the alarm and calling the police. These systems actually get in contact with dispatched and local authorities immediately whether you are there to talk to them or not and they will send help immediately.

Taking a few extra precautions while you are out and making the investment in a home security system will cover all of your bases. It will keep you and your valuables safe despite the rising crime statistics, no matter where you live.

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