There are some things that can be done in order to keep a house from being broken into, and the first of these is to have a home security system. This is an alarm that will go off if the doors or windows are opened when it is set, this alarm that is triggered will alert the family, scare the burglar and at the same time the system has already alerted the trained operators that will send the authorities.

But it takes more than just the alarm system, it also takes other additional things to make a residence secure, and it depends on how much security the homeowner wants what they decide is necessary. One of the things that can be an addition to the alarm is outdoor lighting that can run from dusk till dawn on its own, or motion lighting. This means for a person to break-in they will not be doing it under the cover of darkness, instead they risk being seen.

Another thing that can be added to help protect the structure is new door locks that do not use keys; these are called keyless entry locks, and instead use fingerprints. This cannot be jimmied by burglars since there is no place to insert a key. It also means there will not be any lost keys and none will need to be given to babysitters or repairmen, making this a security feature and not just another door lock. This is the same principal that many new vehicles come with that was intended to stop burglaries, while at the same time making it convenient for drivers to enter the vehicle. Door locks of this kind make it easy for the family to enter the house and it means there is not a time when a child coming home from school realizes they forgot their key or lost it and cannot get in the house.

Cameras can be installed both inside and outside of the home; these have the feature that they have, is what the cameras are seeing can be accessed on a computer. That means that even while away on vacation it is easy to check on the house to make certain that everything is alright. It makes it difficult for anyone to sneak around the residence, without their face being seen, and that is not what someone planning to break into a home wants.

Having a home security system along with addition items is like having a junkyard dog, it is something no one wants to be near and anyone up to no good knows they are going to get bit. In this case the bite will come from being arrested or by being in the eye of the camera that is monitoring the outside of a residence. One thing that burglars are not is dumb, if they were they would not be out on the street looking for homes to break into, they would have been caught. The largest part of keeping a home secure from this criminal is having a good security system, both inside and outside of the home to make it unattractive.

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