With home accessories and decor, the main goal of the vast majority of people is to create the room of their dreams. This typically means you choose home accessories that you adore, but then become stumped when everything you love doesn’t quite fit into the overall home decor scheme. Here are a few tips and tricks for creating the room of your dreams, no matter what your budget may be.

Clear It Out

It can be difficult to imagine the room of your dreams if the room you’ll be decorating is already full of clutter. That being said, take time to empty the room out. If you’re reusing any of the furnitures, leave those furnitures behind but clear everything else out of the space.

By clearing the space out, you’ll be able to better envision your new room.

Clean It Up

With everyone out of the room, give it a good deep clean. Vacuum up the corners, clean up all of the dust and cobwebs. Even the most beautiful of home decor is worthless if it’s full of dust, dirt and decorated with cobwebs.

Start with Furnitures

Before you begin picking out the little details, you’ll need to start with the big ones. When creating the room of your dreams, you should work starting from the big picture down to the little details of the space. If you’re reusing your existing furnitures due to a limited budget, consider revamping the pieces. Sanding them down and refinishing them, or throwing a fresh coat of high gloss paint on, can help change their overall look for a fraction of the cost. Swap out handles and knobs for shiny new fixtures and you’ll have furnitures that look and feel brand new, without the cost.

Decorate the Walls

When you’re thinking of the room of your dreams, do you see any wall art in the space? Typically when we’re thinking of what we desire, it’s beautiful furnitures or perfect accessories in a beautifully lit space with the perfect color palette. Very rarely do we remember to include wall art.

The room of your dreams should incorporate wall art that you love. You need to surround yourself with photographs or paintings that not only inspire you, but make you feel at home. Choose wall art that not only compliments the space, but is visually appealing to you as well.

Color It In

If you’re working on a budget, the quickest and easiest ways to help work toward the room of your dreams is to incorporate a new color palette in with your existing pieces. Perhaps this means going a few shades lighter or darker than the current hue on the wall. It could also mean adding a few new throw pillows or other home accessories into the mix to visually shake things up. Color is important, so don’t neglect it once you get to that point.

No matter how you choose to tackle this project, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be done all at once. If you’re working on a limited budget, it’s okay to piece the room together as you go along rather than all at once. Home decor isn’t instant, it’s ever changing and you may find that what you thought was your dream room one year, isn’t exactly that in the next year.