In this article you will learn some of key differences between a hardwired vs. wireless security system.

Keeping your home safe and secure should be your number one priority not just because you need to take care of your assets, but also because your home serves as your sanctuary. Is it not more reassuring knowing that you can monitor your whole household even when you are not at home? Perhaps this is why many households today prefer to install home security camera setups in order to raise their level of security.

While there are a lot of security cameras available today, it is still quite difficult to decide which types to install in your home. Choosing between a hardwired vs. wireless security system is probably the starting point in the decision process. While both seem to be very effective, there are still a few factors that set the two apart.

When evaluating any hardwired vs. wireless security system, it is best to take note of the pros and cons of both setups. If possible, make a checklist or a chart that can help you compare your decision. In order to help you with your assessment, here are a few simple things that you need to take into consideration:


One of the first things that you must consider is the manner of installation. Check your home and decide on whether you will be able to install the system efficiently. If you decide on purchasing a hardwired system, then you need to be prepared for a possibly tedious installation process as you have to deal with fixing the wiring system so that it remains neat and discreet at the same time.

Ideally, the hardwired setup would be included in the pre-wiring stage of the house. This would greatly help you to plan out the wiring system as well as the outlets in which the cameras are to be plugged in and mounted. But if the system is purchased after the house has been built (which let's face it is the more likely scenario,) then it would be wise to get the services of a technician to help with the installation.

A wireless system, on the other hand, will be a lot easier to install as you no longer need to worry about keeping the wiring neat. In fact, you can probably install it on your own. In addition to this, wireless systems tend to be a bit more discreet than the hardwired ones.


Another factor that you need to consider when choosing between the hardwired vs. wireless security system is maintenance. This pertains to the ease of use as well as the upkeep of the security cameras. Both setups are convenient to use especially if properly installed and programmed. However, many believe that the hardwired cameras are a lot easier to maintain and that they last longer as compared to the wireless setups where the parts need frequent replacing. Be sure to look into this before you commit.


When deciding between any hardwired vs. wireless security setup, it would also be wise to check for reliability. Hardwired setups are said to be more reliable, and less easily disarmed. Wired systems are complex which make it harder for burglars to figure out.


In short, both approaches are very effective at the task of home security. And for such an important decision you'll definitely want to learn more before you ultimately decide.

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