We'd all like to save money on our household bills particularly when it comes to insurance. Each year the costs rise and often the increases exceed the rate at which our incomes increase leaving us with less disposable income in our bank accounts. You can save money on home insurance policies by installing security cameras inside and outside your home.

It's widely known that insurance companies will give a discount on homes that have alarm systems installed and perhaps you've already had such a system fitted to your property, but there is another way of securing a discount. This method can be used as well as an intruder alarm system or instead of, depending on your budget and the practicality of an alarm system within your property.

Home security cameras have come a long way since the first examples appeared many years ago. The modern wireless IP cameras available today have a host of features which make them not only efficient as security devices for home owners but also invaluable as monitoring devices for occasions when the householder away for short or extended periods.

Even just the visible presence of an outdoor camera can act as a deterrent to prowlers and any would-be intruders. These devices are easily purchased and installed by home owners and the criminal world is aware that the cameras can take high quality photos and video even at night. This type of evidence has helped the law enforcement agencies identify suspects and it has lead to the conviction of criminals who will no doubt think twice about repeating their crimes the next time they see such a device installed outside a property.

Many people have been put off the idea of using home surveillance systems because they imagine it involves the expense and disruption caused by installing vast amounts of new cabling and other equipment. Perhaps they cling to the misconception that the only option is an expensive CCTV system that is more appropriate for large commercial premises or the homes of the wealthiest people.

However, home owners can demonstrate their commitment to home security to their insurance companies by installing just one or more wireless IP cameras. By using either the wireless signal or, if the location of the camera means the signal is too weak to reach their household broadband router, using Power over Ethernet plugs they can connect the camera to their local network and the internet without any additional cabling. By so doing the camera becomes a real-time monitoring device as well as a motion detector which can send the owner an email alert if any movement is detected within the camera's view.

For example, the homeowner could install just one camera overlooking the yard or perhaps the driveway of the house. In this way the camera can keep watch over visitors to the house or anyone entering the yard from the rear. If any visitor has mischief in mind then the camera will capture a clear image of the suspect.

Home security cameras can also solve disputes when there has been an accident. If a vehicle visiting your house or just turning around in your driveway damages your property or your vehicles how will you know who caused the damage if you were not their to witness the event? You outdoor wireless IP camera will record the incident and send you an email with the evidence.

Review the security of your home and see how it could be improve with these devices. Install some outdoor and indoor cameras and then shop around for the best quote for your home insurance. There is a strong possibility that the cameras will pay for themselves by virtue of the discounts acquired and the peace of mind you obtain.

Ben Lovegrove contributes to the Outdoor Camera Wireless site which provides tips and advice for home owners and businesses about wireless IP cameras and home surveillance systems.
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