Leaving for home after a long day, tired and a bit nervous, I suddenly realized I may not have properly secured the windows of my apartment. Mind you this has happened before without incident. I don't know why today seemed different. Instinct may have been communicating louder than normal. Fatigue sometimes has a way of inspiring feelings that are typically cloaked by a busy mind. The day seemed normal enough. No major stress on the job except for the occasional overload that is linked to something as mundane as too many emails or a particularly unhappy customer. Very few thoughts of my home passed through my mind during the day. Home security was rarely a subject worthy of too much attention because the neighborhood within which I lived was recognized as one of the safest.

As I walked through the front door a sinking feeling flared out of control as I noticed my entire apartment had been tumbled. Ransacked beyond recognition I fumbled from room to room through clothing strewn all over the floor. Even the kitchen had been cleared of my most prized antique glass. Every container in the house had been emptied. This intruder had made sure he had left his mark in every room of my apartment. The contracted feeling in my gut was painful, a little like someone had just punched me in the stomach.

The above mentioned account of my home invasion is what prompted me to get serious about protecting my home from that day forward. If you have not experienced a personal violation of this magnitude I can only tell you that it is not an easy feeling with which to cope. Understand home invasions happen every day and crime statistics for burglary and home intrusion continue to scale upward in most major cities. The good news is that this is all preventable as I came to understand.

Home security is an issue that stays guarded by media not wanting to scare away the anticipated annual flow of visitors to popular cities. Little did I know at the time.

For many people, their home is their biggest investment. Fear about burglary and violent intruders prompts some people to seek out security solutions before something were to happen. It is better to do something before an unfortunate circumstance rears it's ugly head. New business owners, in particular, are 150% more likely to install a home security system within the first six months of starting their business.

No matter where you live or whether you are worried about break-ins or not, it is a good idea to install some kind of home security system. Take advantage of any home security discount offered by your insurance provider. By installing dead bolts, smoke detectors, burglar alarms, or other add-on features of your chosen home security system you gain favor with your insurance company.

Unfortunately it is the fear that most of us have of our valuables being stolen, our homes being damaged or destroyed, or our family being hurt that gives cause to prioritize home security. Fear of the unknown rightfully encourages us to buy life insurance, purchase a car with airbags and install a security system.

If you have an antiquated home security system you might want to consider stepping up your home security with cctv cameras and a monitored home alarm. These are some of the most effective types of security systems in the marketplace, because an alarm will scare off an intruder and the security agent or former police officer monitoring your home security system will arrive faster than the police would, ensuring the safety of your family and valuables.

Word to the wise... do everything within reach to prevent the kind of experience I shared earlier and sleep sound each night without extraneous concern for your home and family.

Dr. Michael Fleischer is a chiropractor, published author, activist, and Miami home security advocate. Personal experience has led him to conclude that everyone should be prepared in advance of unfortunate circumstance with a home security system that can act as a prevention and protection solution for every home buyer. Go to www.Miami.YourHomeSecuritySolutions.com to learn more about how to customize your security needs and compare home security packages that protect your home and family.
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