House break-ins usually occur when nobody is home. So, whether you are going for a brief walk or planning to go on a long vacation, always remember these simple and basic safety and security measures to prevent break-ins into your homes. Prevent break-ins into your homes by assessing its security risks. Be vigilant in noting household practices that have to be changed and weak points that need to be urgently addressed for the safety and security of your homes.

Lock up all your doors with good quality door locks that will prevent burglars from kicking in your doors. Use double deadbolts if it is allowed in your area. For sliding doors, lock it and put a metal rod on the base to make it difficult to open.

Check your windows always! Do not leave it half open even if you are only going out for a brief walk. Secure your windows with grills so that burglars cannot enter easily when they smash the glass and put a mechanism that will prevent windows from raising enough for someone to crawl through.

Keep garden tools and other equipment that can be used to gain entry into your homes out of sight. Thief use these for house break-ins on a regular basis.

Leave your spare key with a trusted neighbor because experienced burglars already know your "secret hiding places". Your neighbor can keep watch on your house and prevent break-ins.

Illuminate your house and perimeter areas. Using photosensitive bulbs that will automatically go on and off are energy efficient and useful when you are away rather than continuously lit lights that will reveal your absence.

Do not introduce yourself to the community of thieves by painting your name on the mailbox. Getting your telephone number will be easy and they can use it to check if somebody is home.

To prevent house break-ins when you are on vacation, arrange with your mailman and newspaper delivery service to suspend deliveries while you are away. An overflowing mailbox and a yard littered with newspapers are sure indicators that nobody is home.

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