Home burglary has been increasing. More than 70% of all crime these days relates to property crimes, usually involving the home. Although police and local authorities are doing what they can to stop the crime, burglary is something that can't be stopped completely. Criminals are always out there looking for their next victim. So it's really important for you to know about the different methods to protect yourself.

Even though there are ways to prevent intruder to break into your house, an experienced burglar will always find the way to break in. Statistics show that burglaries occur every 15 seconds in the United States. To protect yourself and your home, there are tactics such as security alarm, burglar alarm systems, and also surveillance cameras that you can use.

Property marking is an excellent approach to protect yourself too. Property marking involves marking everything that you have with a signature or mark that can be easily identified when the property has been recovered. Some of the things you that can use are micro dots, UV pens, and even laser pens. The concept here is to put a mark on your property so it will be harder for the criminals to get rid of. Even though it may appear weird, many criminals do research on their victims before they make a decision to rob them.

One of the most effective types of home security is the home security system. If somebody tries to rob your house and realises that you have a security system installed, he will most likely start to think carefully and eventually give up his plans. Burglar alarms stop over 50% of attempted burglaries in the home. Nevertheless, if you have security cameras at home, and the burglar chooses to go ahead and rob your home anyway, the system will catch him on video, making it easy for the police to catch that person. Home surveillance and home security cameras are great to have for your home, and can either be wired or wireless, dummy or real, indoor or outdoor, or even a combination of a few.

No matter what method you decide to take, there are indeed ways that you can protect your home from unwanted intruders. More and more home owners have recognized the value of a home security system. Millions of home owners all through the United States are spending money in home security and surveillance systems, knowing that one day they will be beneficial. even though you may never be robbed, there is always a chance. Burglaries can happen anytime, anywhere which is why you need to always keep yourself and your family protected. If you think ahead and invest in a home security system, you'll be well prepared for anything that happens. You have to think in terms of self defense purposes - and ensure that your home is protected from anybody who decides to make you a victim.

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- Valerie HF Low
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