When you're making changes to your own home, it's likely that you have a number of key considerations in mind. You may have your own personal preferences, but you may also be mindful of the opinions of other family members. There's also likely to be some degree of thinking about those who may be visiting your home.

I always think that it's a reasonable idea to start by thinking about an individual room and what you are trying to achieve. What do you have in mind for this room? Is it a space where you are planning on entertaining guests? It may be a more private space that will largely be reserved for family members.

By setting out what you are looking to achieve, you can give yourself some clear objectives. These may define many of the other decisions that you are about to make. I do, however, feel that it's possible to go too far. It's easy to imagine that rooms that will be used for entertaining should be more formal, or more suited to dinner parties and adult guests.

My own experience would suggest that it's actually nice to see some personal touches. If you have children and are proud of your family life, then I don't see any reason why you shouldn't put that life on display. It seems a shame to hide away such an important element of life. Take the time to really make the most of what you can offer.

I also think that there is a danger of making cautious choices. This is a really easy trap to fall into, particularly if you are a regular viewer of property television shows. What is the problem that is faced in this situation?

One of the main issues that I have with such shows is that they almost always appear to focus on the buying and selling of homes. In a sense, they could almost be defined as being about property investment. For most of us, however, the reality is that we use properties as spaces in which to live. We are trying to really make a home.

If you are looking to sell a property, then it may well make a lot of sense to use neutral colours and to create a space that will appeal to many people. The problem is that such an approach to interior design can lead to rather boring outcomes. Don't be afraid to add a splash of colour, or to make bold statements.

If you see a piece of art, for example, that you like, then why not buy it and place it within your own home? Some people may not like it, but it's your home and it's right that you should be the person making the decisions. Don't hold back. You'll find that it's much more rewarding to make creative choices that allow you to really make your mark on the home.