Far too many home owners return from their holiday or even just from a night away from home to find that they have been robbed of all their most valuable possessions. If you wish to avoid that very unpleasant experience, you should make sure that your home security plans are in order. Following at least the most basic home security tips below, will make your house much safer against intruders and allow you to sleep more soundly when you are away from your home.

First of all it is a good idea to consider how a burglar thinks and what could possibly give them the idea that your house would be a good place to rob that night.

- Do not advertise your absence - don't for example announce on your Facebook wall that you will be on the beach halfway around the world for a week.

- Make sure that your property does not look too unoccupied and that is does not appear easy to burgle. Make a bit of mess in your house and leave toys in the yard to create an illusion of the house being occupied.

- Pull the curtains and leave the blinds at least halfway up.

- Close the interior doors of the house so that the thief cannot look from room to room.

- Use automatic on/off timers for lights, radio and television, Never leave just the outdoor lighting on. You can also chose to install a light that turns on when someone approaches the house. Lights can be the key to keeping your house safe, since burglars are much more comfortable in the dark.

- Check that your doors are not easy to pry open

- Make your house number clearly visible. A house number that is clearly visible from the road will make it easier to find the house in case of an emergency.

Making sure that your doors and windows are secure and that your house is generally well-maintained can make a great difference to your home security. Find out what the weak points of your house is and protect them and consider replacing the outer door to your house if they are too weak, so that you dont allow the thief to enter your house quickly.

Many people lock cupboards and drawers when they are away, which is actually a bad idea. A burglar will pry them open anyway and they will often be ruined unnecessarily.

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