Every year on New Year's Eve people think about making a resolution for the coming year. Here's an idea for a resolution that should not wait for a new year to arrive. During the time between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day the percentage of home break-ins increases dramatically across the United States. As is typical in most large cities home security system installation is also on the rise.

Intruders often see the Holidays as the perfect time to break in, especially if they see a huge tree with lots of gifts surrounding it in the front window of a home that appears to be unattended. Burglars steal keepsakes, televisions, electronics, gifts, cash, credit cards, and any other valuable items they can get their hands on. This can totally ruin the Holiday season for the victims. This tragedy can be prevented by installing and using a home security system.

Home security systems are practical and economical when it comes to protecting your valuables. Selecting an alarm monitoring company that is right for your needs is important. There is a multitude of alarm monitoring companies in the US, so be sure to do your research before signing on. Having a locally owned and operated company protecting your home can give you peace of mind because they will be there promptly in the event of an emergency.

By installing and using a home security system, you'll have peace of mind that your loved ones are protected. Not only can you protect your home and loved ones against intruders, but most monitoring systems also include fire in their service, as well. All too often families are lost to fire and smoke inhalation in house fires, but with the proper monitoring system, this can be prevented.

There are a few actions you can take to make your home and Holiday season a lot more secure against possible burglaries. For one thing, don't advertise your tree and gifts by placing them in a window in the front of your home. Choose a more discreet location in your home. If you plan to travel during the holiday season, make sure your trusted neighbors know you are going to be away. Make sure all your doors and windows are locked. Post your address only on your mailbox as posting you name could prove to be unwanted advertising for intruders. Don't leave messages on your telephone answering devices that advertise your absence. Don't leave items for garbage pickup that advertise expensive gifts. And, if you don't have one already, invest in a security system for your home.

By choosing a local alarm monitoring company you can notify them when you are going to be away. In the event of a break-in, by notifying the monitoring company in advance of your absence, they can alert authorities immediately to get help on the way. Choosing the best home security system for your home is important. Choosing the best alarm monitoring company is equally important. But, you have to actually commit yourself to activating the system regularly for the system to serve its purpose.

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