There are two types of security systems: wired and wireless home alarm system. While the wired ones can be installed while constructing your new home, wireless ones can be installed anytime. Till recent times, these portable systems were considered a poor cousin of the wired systems. This, however, has changed with the latest technological advancements. Most sophisticated wireless systems have a host of functions that cater to varied home security needs.

Basics of Wireless Home Alarm System

The basic components of a wireless home alarm system are a control panel, smoke sensors, wireless sensor devices at entry points, and an alarm bell box. Here are their functions:

* Control panel: The "brain" of the system receives signals from sensor devices and generates the alarm. They are battery-powered and can dial the phone number of a neighbor or the security company.

* Sensors: The sensors attached to window and door frames (or other entry points) generate an alarm when the doors or windows are opened. This happens when the sensors send a radio signal to the control unit about the breaking of the circuit. Hence, it is essential to keep the doors and windows closed when the system is armed.

* Alarm bells: These are loud sirens that usually sound for 20 minutes when triggered. Their loud noise serves as a deterrent to burglars and criminals. Therefore, always choose an alarm that is loud enough (more than 95 decibels). Depending on the features integrated in the system, the system may also dial the number of the police and fire departments and send signals to the monitoring center.

The system may also have a panic button that is strategically placed to trigger an alarm whenever a need arises. This manually operated button can arm the system and can operate even when the system is not armed. Certain systems also comprise a repeater unit that can enhance the transmission range to cover and protect outhouses. Similarly, motion detector systems can detects movement inside the premises when the house is supposed to be empty.

Wireless Home Alarm System: Advantages

Since a wireless home alarm system is without wires, they are easy to install. If you realize that you require a security system after completing the construction of your home, installing wireless systems is the best option. The modern wireless systems are also more reliable and sophisticated than their earlier counterparts. However, do compare prices offered by various service providers before purchasing a system.

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