Even though most security experts will tell you that is it is better to choose an alarm system through a national company than through a local company because of improved monitoring, lower pricing and longevity, there are still some benefits of choosing to purchase your home security system through a local business. If you are adamant about your money going to a small, hometown security company instead of a national, multi-million dollar organization, here are some positives for making that choice.

1. Many local companies utilize the services of the larger UL listed monitoring centers. This means that your monitoring is actually done by the same centers that larger companies use. You don't have to worry about one lonesome guy in an office somewhere snoozing while your alarm goes off. You will have the same 24-hour monitoring that the larger home security system companies have.

2. Since local companies tend to have a smaller client base, your business will probably be extremely valuable to them. You might get better customer service from a local company and the response time to your emergencies could be increased. As you know, in an emergency, every second is precious, so this faster response time could be enough to sway your decision in favor of a local company.

3. You might not have to sign a long-term contract with a company pertaining to your city. Often, local companies offer month-to-month contracts instead of the standard two- or three-year contracts required by national alarm companies. This can be extremely beneficial to you because you can try the company out for a couple of months to see if their service is up to your standards. You can stay with them as long as you want without any fear of a financial penalty if you decide to go with another company later.

4. As with monitoring, local companies often buy their equipment from larger companies, so you will probably be getting the same quality equipment that you would if you chose to go with a national organization. Of course, you will also probably pay more for this equipment since the local company has to make a profit as well, but if you are determined to keep your dollars in your community, this increase will most likely be relatively insignificant.

5. If you choose a company that is locally established, that company is more likely to support you and your business since they will be turning around and spending your own money in your community. This is how communities thrive, so it makes sense to consider this option.

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