When most people think about home security, they often are concerned about keeping their home and valuables safe when they are away, but it is also important consider what you can do to keep your home and everyone in your family secure while you are in the house. Even though most burglars and potential intruders look for unoccupied homes as their targets, you should never assume that just because you are home you will be safe from a potential break-in. Not only are your home and personal belongings at risk, but your family and loved ones as well if an intruder enters your home while you are in it. In addition to ensuring your home security system is up to par and in good working order, there are a few simple things you can do to further increase your safety while you are at home.

1. Never let strangers in your house. Consider the rule you apply to your children, "Don't talk to strangers". This is something everyone in the home should abide by. Although this may seem like common sense, it is worth your while to be extra cautious about who you let pass through your doors. Just because someone is wearing an official uniform, for example a delivery person or postman, does not make them completely trustworthy and should not be let in your home, even if they ask politely and seem harmless. In this case it is best to be safe and not let anyone in your home that you do not know and trust.

2. Keys and locks. Along the same lines of the first rule, never give your house keys to anyone, not even trusted friends. You never know whose hands they may fall into and you should know at all times where all copies of your keys are. Another tip regarding keys, never hide a spare key anywhere on your property; intruders know where to look, no matter how clever you think you might be with your hiding place.

3. Keep you valuables out of sight. Walk around your home and do a test "peek" into all your windows; you should not be able to spot anything of value such s a wallet, purse or expensive electronics or computer equipment. If potential intruders can see something tempting inside your home, you are just giving them the incentive to attempt a break-in. Same goes for garage doors, make sure they are closed at all times so your vehicles and other possessions are not on display.

4. Be careful with the trash. Most people might not even think that their trash could be a potential hazard to their home's safety. However, your trash can tell a lot about what is going on in your home and it is right there on the curb for all to see. For example, you just bought a brand new plasma TV and the box is in the trash pile...a potential intruder might see this and make a note that you've got something valuable that they might want. Cutting down boxes as well as shredding any bills or other mail with important personal information is a good way to keep your private business...private.

Following these simple tips and being aware and alert can help you keep you and your family safe and prevent your home from being a target. A little bit of prevention can be a great way to enhance your home security system and keep your house and belongings protected.

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