Your home serves as a safe haven for both your family and your property. The first step that should be taken in securing your home should be habitually locking all doors and windows. Studies have shown that this alone can be a strong deterrent to would-be burglaries. Because most home robberies are what is called "crimes of opportunity", most burglars would rather wait for an easy target (one with unlocked doors or windows) than spend the time and energy breaking into a secured home. In the case that your home becomes a target regardless of this fact, there are three main methods that you can follow to further ensure your security.
Security Doors
A good steel security door can be a great barrier between you and any unwanted company. In most cases, a would-be burglar cannot kick in steel security doors. To accomplish this, steel security doors are positioned outside the normal front door, and designed to open outward. Kicking the door can only serve to pull the deadbolt out of its socket. To increase the security, the door is secured by the entire doorframe, which will require battering rams and other advanced devices to knock down. Furthermore, security doors typically take at least twice as long for someone to pick the lock. In the event that someone does try to break yours down, they will probably just end up waking the neighbors before they make it inside.
Deadbolt Locks
One of the simplest ways to avoid having your door kicked in is to install a deadbolt with a steel strike plate. This will also help to prevent anyone from opening a standard latch-style lock by inserting a credit card or other similar object in between the door and the doorframe. Because a deadbolt must be operated by a key to be opened, this is impossible to do.
Home Security Systems
In addition to strong locks and doors, you should consider installing a home security system. These systems come in a variety of styles and levels of protection. On the most basic level, a security system can provide you with an audible alarm whenever one of the magnetic connections installed on a door or window becomes broken. This alarm serves not only as a warning to you that something is amiss, but is often enough to scare a burglar right out the door.
In order to strengthen your security system, you should also install motion sensors, vibration sensors and security system monitoring. This combination of security technologies will ensure that even if a criminal is able to outsmart a portion of your security system, they will not be able to get past another element. If someone breaks a window to avoid the magnetic sensors that detect open windows, for example, vibration sensors or motion sensor can detect their presence in your home. By monitoring your system, you add an additional line of safety in the form of a third-party company who will call the appropriate authorities in the case of an invasion.
Regardless of the level of security that you choose to install, you are best served by employing multiple methods. By doing so, you essentially multiply your safety because you are not relying on a single safety method or device to keep your home, your family and your valuables safe.

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