In this electronic age, having a secure office building is no longer a matter of locking the doors with the flip of a wrist. The days of giving new employees a key to the front door and the executive washroom are over. Instead, business security systems are controlled by electronic entries, pass keys and personnel monitors. Each employee is issued a security key resembling a blank credit card, and is monitored individually. This makes a building more secure both during the day and after hours. By using electronic protection, a company can protect itself and its employees from threats from the outside world, problems inside its own walls and increase employee safety.

Protection from the outside world is more important than ever in a post-9/11 world. Companies have a desire and responsibility to protect their buildings and employees from robberies, car crashes and other exterior threats. Using a system with controlled access allows a business to control who and what enters the business without having an individual guard stationed at the front door of the building or the company's suite. Employees and frequent visitors will have a pass key; all others will need to be granted access by someone on the inside. This not only protects the premises from exterior physical threats, but can trigger an alarm for help.

Protection from the Inside
In large buildings where there are many rooms, many employees and many concerns, the use of business security systems allows a company to protect itself from inside security threats. These may be possible breaches of company secrets from seemingly innocent employees to unauthorized viewing of financial reports, or the simple matter of protecting private employee documents in the human resources office from prying eyes.

Employee Safety
Business security systems are also effective in working environments where there are few employees and people working after dark. Many companies choose to have their employees securely protected inside the building. This gives both the employer and employee peace of mind from scenarios of homeless people wandering in off the street to sleep on lobby furniture, individuals casing the premises for valuables or conducting nefarious activities in the building's lobby or parking lot. It also eliminates problems caused by false key copies and enables enhanced or limited security to be granted to employees on an individual basis.

Regardless of the type of business security systems used by a company, it will give both the management and employees a feeling of safety and security knowing that access is limited and the threat level for risks is low.

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