Installing a home security system in your home is a fantastic first step toward making your family and home more secure. You will likely experience peace of mind from the moment you activate it for the very first time. However, a security system is only one layer of a comprehensive security plan. One of the goals of a security plan is to make getting into your house as difficult and time consuming as possible. This way, the burglar is more likely to give up and move on to an easier target or will be caught because he took too much time, which allowed the authorities enough time to get to the scene.

To increase the time required for a burglar to get into your home, there are several actions you can take to make it more difficult for your house to be breached. First, you should install security lights around your home's exterior. Burglars do not like light and will more likely choose a target that is dark than one that is lit up like an airport runway. Light is your first line of defense in terms of better security. The lighter your yard is, the better.

Next, a driveway alarm is a nice addition to any security system. This component will let the homeowner know the moment a vehicle drives into the driveway. With such a notification, a burglar could not sneak up on the occupants of the house because they will know the criminal is there. Again, this increases the response time of emergency personnel because they will likely be summoned as soon as the driveway alarm goes off.

Up close to the house, make sure trees, shrubs and bushes are trimmed back to the point where no one can hide behind them. Even though thick landscaping is aesthetically nice and provides the homeowners with significant privacy, but it also gives that same privacy to burglars so they can do their criminal activities without detection.

Underneath your windows, place large, noisy gravel so that the occupants can hear when someone passes by the windows. Again, this is simply another opportunity for you to take away the element of surprise from the burglar. Not only this, but if the burglar makes a noise, he may decide the risk of getting caught is too high and he will move on.

The best way to burglar-proof your yard is to make it as unattractive as possible to criminals. Implementing several security layers that the burglar would have to bypass in order to get into your house is going to increase your chances of not becoming a victim of property crime.

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