If you are like most homeowners, your house is the single most expensive asset you own. Other than your family, there are very few, if any, other belongings that you would go to extreme lengths to protect. Fortunately, there are some easy and practical ways to make your house more secure. Of course, installing a home security system is the number one suggestion of security experts for protecting your property, but performing these other actions won't hurt.
• Trim all bushes and trees so that you can see the entire perimeter of your house without obstruction. Criminals like hiding places and will choose a house that has many over a house that has few.
• Choose solid doors and windows and equip them all with strong locks. Engage the locks at all times, unless you are entering or exiting your home.
• Install motion activated security lighting outside of your house. If someone gets too close to your property, the lights will come on. Not only does this act as a deterrent, but it also alerts you and your neighbors that someone is in the vicinity.
• Purchase a safe in which you will keep your valuables. A wall safe is best, but a heavy floor safe will work too as long as it is too heavy for one person to carry out. If you choose a lighter safe, bolt it to the floor.
• Keep your cash in a bank or security deposit box. This goes for jewelry as well. If they are not on your property, they cannot be stolen and they cannot act as bait for a would-be burglar.
• When you leave town for more than a day, have your neighbors collect your mail and your newspapers. Put your lights on timers so your house looks occupied even if it's not. Having a friend or family member stay in your house while you are gone is also an excellent option.
• Give a spare key to a neighbor. Do not leave one under your door mat or under a flower pot. Thieves know where to look so don't give them an opportunity to let themselves in.
• Establish a neighborhood watch group and get to know your neighbors. When you have relationships with your neighbors, they are more likely to look out for your property and you will be expected to do the same for them.
• Consider installing a home security system. This takes the pressure off of you to watch over your house at all times. With a security system that includes 24 hour monitoring, you can rest assured that your home is being looked after even when you can't.
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