Fire Extinguisher Inspections involve the monthly checking to ensure that they are not discharged and have not leaked down, that the unit is secure and not falling due to being hung poorly or a wall bracket being displaced, that the tamper seals are in place, that the pull pin is intact and has not become dislodged, that there is no obvious damage to the unit externally, and most importantly that it is where it belongs. It is also a good idea to insure that there is a Fire Extinguisher sign placed so it can be seen from a reasonable distance by anybody occupying the building or location in which it is located. The following is a general guideline for maintenance persons, managers, owners, and others who want to know what to look for when inspecting fire extinguishers. In addition to this monthly inspection that is the responsibility of the owner of device per fire code NFPA 10, it must also be properly serviced annually by a professional licensed Fire Protection Company.
For those who do not want to go through the trouble of inspecting their own, a fire protection company can provide this monthly service in addition to providing annual maintenance and service on all types of fire extinguishers. Many times we find that fire extinguishers in restaurants and other public places Click Here For are discharged and in need of service. The next time you are in a restaurant check the fire extinguisher yourself after following the guidelines below.
BASIC FIRE EXTINGUISHER INSPECTION - Check that the unit is indeed where it belongs. Look at the gauge and check that the arrow is pointing upward in the green charged area. Make sure that the pull pin is in place. Make sure that there is a plastic tamper seal intact and holding the fire extinguisher pin in place. Make sure that the wall hanger is in place and not dislodge. Look closely at any screws or bolt and make sure they are secure. Look at the exterior to make sure that it does not contain any large or deep rust, or dents. Check to see that the handle/lever mechanism is intact and not bent. Also check the rivet holding this device together, to make sure it is not bent or missing. Do not use or allow others to use a fire extinguisher a door stop. Make sure the tag is in place and check that the date punched on the tag. If the unit has not been serviced within a year of last date of service, call a professional fire protection company.
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