Many people will probably at one time or another be the victim of a home burglary. This is unfortunate, but sadly true. Once the initial shock has passed, the homeowner will begin to immediately want to make the home as secure as possible, especially at the point of entry. Most insurance companies will tell the homeowner to go ahead and purchase the equipment and materials necessary to secure the damaged door or window, and to keep the receipts. The cost will be added into the final settlement, after all damages have been assessed, and all stolen property listed.

The police will need to be called, and will want to see the damage inflicted BEFORE any repairs have been made. Once they have finished taking their report, collecting any evidence, and dusting for fingerprints, they will tell the homeowner to proceed with repairs.

Afterward, all that will be left to do is for the homeowner to clean up and straighten up the mess left behind by the intruder and, unfortunately but necessary, the police. Once the insurance company has made a settlement, arrangements can be made for permanent repairs to be made, and any stolen property to be replaced.

The homeowner may find that it is necessary to wash any clothing, bedding, or towels that he or she thinks the burglar may have touched, in order to feel that everything is clean. If a bed was disturbed, it may take the purchasing of an entire mattress and box spring set for the homeowner to feel as though things are finally getting back to normal.

Further, the homeowner may make any changes to the property, such as cutting back bushes that conceal the house from the street, or installing an alarm system. If that is what it takes to bring the homeowner a feeling of security, then it should be done.

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