Looking at burglary statistics it is frightening, because the number rises every year and the worse job loss becomes the more crime goes up. This is why every home needs an alarm system, the family and residence needs to be safe and the only way to guarantee this is to have an alarm system with monitoring. Having this kind of protection keeps burglaries from happening, because the break-in thief does not want to spend time in jail, they want to steal another person's possessions to sell. This is how they make their living rather than going to the office in the morning, they go house hunting. They are looking for the right residence that does not have an alarm system and no one is at home. This is a perfect place to break into, steal what they want and get away free.

There are thousands and can be seen when looking at the statistics, during 2007 burglaries accounted for 22.1 percent of the number of property crimes, with 61.1 percent involving forced entry. The numbers equaled 57.4 percent of the burglaries occurring during the day and 42.6 percent happening at night. When these numbers are further looked at 63.6 percent of burglaries that were residential occurred during the day time hours, while 56.4 percent of non-residential burglaries occurred during night time hours. The crime rate has risen since these statistics in 2007 and cost victims thousands of dollars in the items that are taken, but a worse cost is the feeling of being safe at home that is gone.

These numbers are why every home needs an alarm system; the house needs to be an impenetrable fortress for the family and their possessions in order to not be counted among the statistics for residential break-ins. The family that has experienced a home break-in will never feel the same in their house again, they will have a fear of coming home to their possessions being gone or to be at home when a break-in occurs. Then there is the knowledge that someone has come into the home and gone through personal belongings.

The one thing that can protect the residence and family is the home security system that is armed, since it is able to sound an alarm to alert the family if they are home and to scare the burglar. Then at the same time it will be sending an alert signal to the monitoring center where they are professionally trained to handle the alert and will contact the local police. This is much faster than a family depending on neighbors to see someone breaking into their residence and then calling the police or if they are home getting to a phone to call instead of getting someplace safe. Running a house is not just buying furniture, paying bills and buying groceries, the family also depends on feeling secure in the home and with the statistics that show over 60 percent of burglaries involve the family house.

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