Carbon monoxide (CO) is a silent killer and is a lethal gas that is all too often present in high volume within our homes. Opinions vary regarding the best place to mount a carbon monoxide detector. It may seem logical to simply plug-in your CO detector at the nearest power source available, namely a floor level wall socket, but ground level is going to be the wrong answer. Choosing an inefficient or ineffective location to mount a carbon monoxide detector is a common mistake many home owners often make. Here are a few simple things to keep in mind to keep your household safe from the dangers of CO poisoning.

The chemical properties of CO are such that it is slightly lighter than air, meaning in a stable environment with little cross-breeze CO will generally collect from the top down in a closed room. For this reason the first thing to consider when you mount a carbon monoxide detector is relative height compared to ground level. The best bet is to mount your carbon monoxide detector on the ceiling just like you would with a typical smoke detector.

Keep your CO detector mounted away from bathrooms, laundry rooms, or any other area that gets more humid than the rest of the house. Humidity interferes with the internal working of most CO detectors. Also be sure to mount a carbon monoxide detector at between ten to twelve feet away from any gas power appliances or cooking devices. Having a carbon monoxide detector mounted near these areas may give a false positive alarm and cause undue wear-and-tear to your device, not to mention wear-an-tear on your nerves. Garages are also another source of many false alarms automobiles moving in and out and laundry appliances usually installed here. Garages are often too cold for proper operation in areas of the country that experience extended cold temperatures.

No matter how big or small your home may be, it is always best to install more than one device in the event either one fails to successfully alarm if CO reaches dangerous levels. A good general guideline is to have one device per level of your home, including the basement, or no less than two devices in a one-story dwelling. Always mount CO detectors near bedrooms or areas where you may often sleep, like family rooms or lounge areas. The idea here is to get woken up when the alarm sounds.

When you mount your carbon monoxide detector, take your time and think about how CO is likely to accumulate within your home. Also be mindful of where placement will most likely alert you if the danger threshold is reached. With these things in mind your family will sleep safe from the dangers of CO poisoning.

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