Summer is when families make the most of the weather, which means being out of the house often and going on vacation. Burglars wait for this time of year to find empty houses where breaking in means taking the time to really go through the residence. There are some tips that can help avoid being the victim of a break-in and the most protection a family can have to start with is a home security system.

The home alarm can protect the house and the family, but when the window decals and sign for the yard are displayed it lets the thief know that the house is protected by an alarm system. That means a much higher chance of being caught. This will make them decide to look for a residence that does not have a home security system.

Summer Home Protection Tips

• Trim bushes and trees near the house that could create a hiding place for the burglar, while they are breaking into a door or window. Eliminating the hiding place makes it harder for them to hide when braking into the residence. They look for these kinds of things that will make it easy for them to steal from a family.

• Use outdoor lighting, even if it is not installed around the home and you do not want to attempt that, and then keep the front and back door lights turned on at night. This will keep the area lit, even when the family is not home. Lighted areas are not the burglars friend, this makes it possible for them to be seen.

• When leaving the house close and lock the windows and doors, arm the home security system to protect the residence in the family's absence. That will mean if there is an attempted burglary the alarm system will be triggered, sounding an alarm in the house and calling the monitoring center to alert the police.

Warm Weather Means Vacation

Warm weather means going on vacation; be smart about leaving the residence for an extended amount of time to avoid being burglarized.

• Do not allow mail and newspapers to add up, instead have both held or the other option is to have a friend, neighbor or family member pick them up daily. There is nothing that tells a burglar that no one is coming home soon like this.

• While on vacation it is possible to see the inside of the home when cameras are installed. This is known as video view and is able to be seen on a laptop or desktop computer.

Warm weather is time to have fun, relax and get out of the house, but to protect the residence from being burglarized it just takes a few steps and having a home security system that has monitoring. Then even if no one is at home the alarm system can alert the police. This can save the family from knowing that there was a stranger in the house and losing the safe feeling they have when they are at home.

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