Times are tough. We know that, unfortunately this desperation brings out the worst in people. Burglaries are on the rise. So what can we do to protect ourselves? Here are some things that burglars don't want you to know and how you can use them to protect yourself.

What burglars look for?

Burglars will canvas a neighborhood before they strike. They look for tell tell signs from their potential victim. These signs include:

Unkept yards. When a burglar sees an unkept yard that automatically tells them that the owner is or has been away from home.

Piled up mail or newspaper. This is another clue to the burglar that no one is home or coming by to check on the property. If you are going out of town, remember to fill out a mail hold at your local post office. Also contact your newspaper provider and inform them to hold from delivering the paper until your return.

Do burglaries only occur at night?

No. Daylight breakins are on the rise. The burglar will case a neighborhood to find out what time of people go to work. When the majority of the neighborhood is at work, it's time for them to also "go to work."

What burglars don't like?

Being seen-as simple as it sounds this is the burglars biggest fear. That is why the majority of breakins occur through a side door or a side window. Where they can use a wall or bushes as a shield from the street.

Noise-Burglars do not want to make a lot of noise. Such as having to break a window or break down a door. They prefer to enter through an open window or an unlocked door.

Having to rush-A lack of time to thoroughly go through the property is just as bad as not getting into the property. The thought that they broke into a property and left the best goods behind because they had to rush, makes burglars cringe.

Dogs-Dogs make a lot of noise, not to mention they can and will bite.

A monitored security system-This is a huge deterrent for burglars, for the reason that they make a lot of noise and also they have no idea if there is police officer 10 minutes away or just around the corner.

What burglars do like.

Opportunity-The majority of burglars are opportunistic. If they get a chance to get into a property with little to no effort, well that is prime pickings.

High bushes-These are a burglars best friend. Bushes that cover windows or block the view from the street are the best. Make sure when you are mending your yard that you keep this in mind. Or have your landscaper keep the bushes down.

Low light or no light.

Motion lights are a great way to protect your home. Having these draws attention to blind spots of your home.

Unlocked doors and windows. This is a bigger deal in the summer months. When the heat is up, we all enjoy having a breeze flow through our home. Make sure close and lock these entries when leaving your home.

Remember to protect your home, be smart and be safe. With some common sense steps you too can keep your family and home safe. Even in these desperate time.

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