The rising cases of insecurity in urban areas have triggered the need for security installations. We cannot always be in our homes throughout the day and night to keep our homes safe, and even our presence does not guarantee the safety of our property. Home security companies have developed modern home alarm systems to counter the ever-growing threat of thieves and burglars. The aim is to come up with a reliable alarm system that does not require much of our control.

Security systems differ in various ways such as the model, method of installation and control system. They also vary in their scope of monitoring and their ability to link with other systems such as smoke detectors, light systems and gate locks. With a good alarm, you can rest confidently and keep your valuables safe. Here is how you can choose the ideal alarm system for your home:

  • Conduct a survey of your whole home and take into account the sites that need to be connected with the alarm system. Write down any passageways that require extra surveillance such as hallways and patios.

  • With your home dimensions in mind, work out the most suitable place for the control panel and the keypads. It is recommended that they be installed in places that can be easily accessible to all the family members. This may be near the main doors or in the bedrooms.

  • Determine the distance from the alarm points to the control panel to enable you estimate the length of the wires required for a wired alarm system, or the distance of a signal between sensors in case of a wireless system.

  • Do you want a monitored security system? This involves a central monitoring system that records data in your home for a monthly fee. To save on money, choose a self-monitoring system that automatically sends a message to your private cell phone in case of an intrusion.

  • Choose a motion sensor that is most suited for your household. Do you come home late at night? Which doors are mostly used at night? Do you need more surveillance to guard very valuable possessions? The answers to all these questions should be helpful in making your choice

  • Whether wired or wireless, the scope of the alarm should cover all parts of your home. All points should be constantly monitored by the control panel.

  • Train all your family members on using the alarm and how to respond appropriately in case of an emergency. Have an emergency hotline at hand in case you need help from the police.

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