If you have a home alarm or security system installed in your home, you're likely pretty well-protected from criminals and theft. However, that doesn't mean you should let your guard down completely. Home security systems are an excellent way to protect your home, but your system could have some flaws that make your property vulnerable.

You may have installed security bars on your windows and deadbolts on your doors, but are the doors and windows themselves secure? Weak door frames that can be easily forced open, rendering that deadbolt useless. A criminal could break in without much effort. Your home security system may signal an alarm, but it could be too late.

Did you change the locks when you moved into your home? If not, you have no idea how many people have keys to your property. Always change all locks to prevent unauthorized access.

Even if you already have a home alarm system or security system installed, you may not be covering all of the weak points in your property. Many people only secure the ground floor doors and windows. In this situation, other areas are left unprotected. Basement windows, garage doors and windows and easily accessible second floor windows are often targets of criminals. It's also important to ensure that all entrance ways are visible. Trimming back bushes and installing motion-activated security lights helps this problem.

It's also important to take all precautions with your actions. An alarm system or a home security system is an excellent way to protect your home, but it doesn't mean you should ignore basic safety tips.

Be careful when giving out your home alarm code. There are occasions where service workers such as cleaning services, contractors and child care workers will need to enter your home and disable the home security system. Before giving your alarm code to anyone, ensure to check some references. You never know when a service worker could come back after hours, turn off your home security system and rob your home. Working with someone that has been recommended by a friend or family member definitely decreases the likelihood of this happening.

It's also important to place your valuables where they will be difficult to find and steal. Some thieves look to break into a home, set off the alarm system and steal as much as possible before the authorities arrive. Placing valuable items in plain site and near entrances makes this even easier. You should always consider placing valuables outside of obvious places. Jewellery placed inside a jewellery box will be much more likely to be stolen than jewellery stored deep inside a drawer. It's also important that you do not place electronics like televisions right in front of your windows. Doing so makes it quite easy for a thief to see the TV and provides them with a perfect entrance point and escape route.

Of course, the most important action you can take is to use the home security options that are available to you. You should always lock your door and set you home alarm system when you leave your home. Even if you're just running to the store and think you'll be back in a couple of minutes, turning your home alarm system on is vital. Criminals could see you leave your home and attempt to strike quickly before you return. Even the best home security system in the world is rendered useless if it is not activated.

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