Deciding whether or not to install a home security system is a choice that every homeowner must make at some point in his or her life. While the cost of installation may be an initial deterrent, there are many benefits to having a home system in your home. In addition to installing the system itself, you must also decide whether or not to have it monitored, and by whom. Most home security systems will function on a certain level without outside monitoring. In order to take advantage of the full range of security offered by them, however, you must contract the monitoring out to a home security company. Here are a few things to keep in mind when deciding whether or not you need a monitored home security system.

Safety & Peace of Mind

Whether you decide to have your system monitored or not, there is a certain level of safety and peace of mind that you gain by having a home security system. You can turn it on when you leave or go to sleep so that a loud alarm will sound if any doors or windows are opened while it is turned on. In many cases, this is enough to deter any criminals and alert your neighborhood that something is amiss. Having your security system monitored adds an additional layer of safety to this. Whenever the alarm is tripped, the alarm company is notified of an intrusion. If they do not receive an all-clear signal from you, then they will notify the local authorities so that they can send someone out to check on you and your property. Many modern alarms have specialized buttons on them for notifying different emergency crews, even when your alarm is not turned to on. By pushing a button, you can alert them of your need for Fire, Medical or Police assistance.

Insurance Savings

Most home insurance companies will give you a fairly significant discount for having a monitored security system. In many cases, this will pay for the cost of the monitoring, as well as a little bit extra. Because you can find very low-cost home safety companies in almost every area, this can make the decision of whether or not to have your system monitored a very easy one. Many places offer basic coverage for close to $10 a month. By coupling your increased safety and peace of mind with an insurance savings, making the choice is a no-brainer.

Although it is not necessary for you to have your home security system monitored by an outside company, there are definitely many benefits to doing so. Home security companies essentially become your set of eyes whenever you are outside of your home. If you are away for an extended, or even very short period of time, a home security company can alert both the authorities and yourself of any possible problems happening at home. You can then rest easily knowing that someone is looking out for you when you are away.

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