Keeping our homes safe and secure is a priority for many of us, particularly for those of us who have a lot of technology in our homes, or maybe even work from home. The majority of homes these days have at least one computer, usually several television sets, gaming consoles, high tech appliances, and lots of other gadgets that help make our lives easier, so it makes sense that your security system should easily fit into this family too, and to that end have a wireless alarm system that is 'smart' and integrates with your computer as well as your mobile phone gives you the ultimate in peace of mind as well as convenience.

Some of the benefits of a wireless security system are outlined below:

One of the key benefits of this type of system is, of course, the fact that no wiring is required, therefore they are perfect for people who are renting or perhaps are in temporary accommodation, additionally this also makes them far easier to retro fit into an existing property as no electrician is required. You can simply install them yourself, set up the system, and no further expense. This wireless facility means they are also perfect for locations where you may not easily be able to fit a traditional alarm system, such as a caravan or a motor home.

They are independent of your main power source and therefore should there be a power cut the security system will continue to work. This is especially beneficial if the property you have secured is not your main residence or is a business premise.

Wireless systems mean you can activate and deactivate the system easily, there's no '30 seconds' to either leave the house or the alarm off, you can rest assured that there are no false alarms because you ran out of time or forgot to turn the alarm off. With the simple click of a button on the remote you can control and activation and deactivation from outside the house.

If you would like to integrate your system with your smart phone wireless also accommodates this too. You synchronise your smart phone with the security system and it allows you to monitor when the alarm is turned off or on, particularly beneficial for commercial premises, and it also allows you to activate or deactivate the system from your phone meaning the remote is only necessary during those times when your phone is not readily to hand.

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