Anyway who has been through a business fire knows how devastating it can be for everyone involved. A fire means the loss of property, jobs, and possibly even lives. All these things make it much harder to rebuild it all again. And yet, a lot of this devastation was avoidable. With the right fire alarm system, the fire department could have been there much sooner and saved a lot of the things that are now gone.

Early Detection is the Key to Decreasing Loss

An old adage says that the first five minutes of a fire are the most critical. During these five minutes is the period of time when the fire needs to be detected and help called for in order to decrease the amount of destruction. Commercial fire alarm systems can assist you by both sensing the fire from the first little puffs of smoke, and notifying authorities immediately. Taking these vital steps can mean the difference between losing your business altogether or only needing some minor repairs.

The employees of a business will be alerted to potential danger within seconds of it being detected by a commercial fire alarm system. This gives them the jump on trying to contain and extinguish the fire before it can do much damage. An automatic fire system will detect heat and smoke and immediately notify both employees and the fire department.

A commercial fire alarm must be able to react quickly in order to allow time for people to evacuate the building. Early warning also allows employees to fight the fire and call authorities for help with the hazardous situation. By so doing, the business will sustain less property damage, and there will be much less chance of casualties.

Every good commercial fire alarm system should include the following components:

* A control panel which is inside some kind of attack-proof box.

* A dual phone line

* An Indicator light display

* A bell monitor

* System master keypad.

Commercial fire alarm systems are available for businesses large and small. Each system has been designed and tested to make sure it meets all of the fire safety standards. Some units come with graphic anunciators which alert the fire department in case of a fire and let fire officials know exactly where the fire is.

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