There are mistakes that homeowners make that puts their home in jeopardy of being broken into, but correcting these mistakes can take the house off of the target list. Home security begins with decreasing the temptation for being robbed and every day homeowners miss these simple steps that takes them off of the target list.
What Makes a House Look Tempting?
• To a burglar a house that looks tempting has no home security system sign in the yard, has no decals on the windows, the curtains are closed, there is no light or noise. There is no car in the driveway and the daily newspaper has not been picked up, even though it is beginning to get dark outside. This to the robber would be a sure sign that the house is unprotected by an alarm system and that no one is home or coming home.
• High bushes or overgrown bushes near the home is an attractive feature for the burglar, this will allow them to be hidden while breaking into the residence without neighbors or passing cars noticing.
• A dark yard is another of the robber's favorite types of houses; this allows them to break in the residence in the dark without being seen.
• Leaving the garage door open for the robber to see valuables like pricey lawn mowers, which can lead them to believe that inside the home is even more valuables that they can just carry off with no problem.
• Placing the family surname on the mailbox is another bad idea, while people believe it helps the mail person, what it actually does is tell the burglar who you are, they already have your address and that means looking your phone number up in the telephone book. Then they can monitor when there are family members home and when the house is empty and waiting for them.
• Leaving the drapes open when no one is at home is another bad idea, this means the burglar can pose as a delivery person or anyone else to get a close up view in the windows to see what awaits them.
These are some of the reasons that some residences are targets to be broken into, while other houses the robber will just pass by. Just a few changes can take your house off of the hit list, like trimming any high or overgrown bushes, this takes away hiding places when they are near the house. Keeping the garage door closed, bicycles put away, so the passing burglar does not believe that inside might have some real prizes for them. Putting up outdoor lighting will keep the smart burglar away when it is dark, because it is too easy for them to be seen. Going away on vacation change the usual habits, leave the drapes open just a few inches and add timers that will turn lights on and off, along with a television or radio. This gives the appearance that someone is at home if the robber is checking out the house and also have the newspaper and mail stopped or have someone pick it up.

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