If you are planning a well deserved vacation, it is essential that you take steps to ensure that your home is as secure as possible during the time that you are away. Nobody wants to return from a relaxing trip only to discover that their home has been broken into, various measures can help minimize the risk of a burglary taking place whilst the property is vacant.

It can be worth investing in timer switches for both exterior and interior lighting fixtures, these can help to give your home an occupied look which would deter criminals. Any potential entry points such as doors, windows, and the garage, should be adequately illuminated. Motion detectors are also a good investment, no potential burglar would want their activities to be lit up for neighbors and passers by to see. It is also possible to use timer switches on TVs and radios to create a more realistic impression that the house is still occupied.

Do not underestimate the tricks that a potential thief would use to learn whether or not a home is vacant. One technique that they may try is to ring your house phone at various times of the day, if nobody answers then they know that you are not at home. The simplest way to combat this issue would be to unplug all the phones in your home.

If you have various everyday consumables delivered to your home, make sure you cancel these for the period that you will be on vacation. If newspapers, milk, and other items where to build up on the doorstep, this will be an obvious sign that no-one is inside.

Always inform your neighbors that you are going away, most would be happy to keep an eye on your property until you return, you could also ask a friend to enter your home every few days and move the curtains so as to give an appearance that someone is there. To be on the safe side, you could also ask a neighbor whether you can store your most valuable possessions with them whist on vacation. If there is a neighborhood watch program operating in your area, let them know of when you will be absent.

If your vacation involves flying, take a taxi to the airport, or ask a friend to drive you, and leave your own vehicle in your driveway. A car parked in front of your house will also add to the impression that there is still someone at home.

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