With Christmas just around the corner, families all over America are gearing up to gather together for a few days of fun celebrations. As always, the focus this holiday season should be on spending time with loved ones, reflecting on the important things in life, and just relaxing. Unfortunately though, accidents within the home occur at a much higher rate during the holiday season, most likely because everyone is in such deep thought about important things that they forget about basic home security precautions. Accidents within the home can really put a damper on your holiday celebrations, so here are a few steps you can take to make sure nothing goes wrong at home this year.

5. Install a home security system to make sure no one breaks into your house. Thieves are very aware that most Americans have valuable presents sitting under Christmas tress in their living rooms during the holiday season. So many criminals will try to break into houses right before Christmas so they can steal expensive presents that are sitting right under the tree in your living room. It´s also a good idea to keep your Christmas tree out of plain sight so that it can´t be seen from people who simply pass by your house.

4. If you have children in your house, make sure they don't try to cook anything in your kitchen without supervision. Children have a tendency to spill things or burn themselves, which is why it's so important to make sure an adult is there to prevent the children from accidentally hurting themselves.

3. Be extra careful when you light a fire. Many families love to sit around a fireplace during the holiday season, and while fires can really improve everyone´s moods, they are also very dangerous. Make sure you open the flu on your fireplace, that no one sits to close to the fire, and that you have an extinguisher nearby in case something happens. Space heaters are also quite dangerous and are prone to start home fires. So make sure you take the proper home security measures to take care of a fire in case one breaks out. It´s vital to be sure that you have a smoke detector that works, but if you have a home alarm system, they often include high-quality smoke detectors as well.

2. Keep a mat near the doors inside your house to make sure that snow or rain don't get tracked inside your house. If people bring snow or rain into your house and it creates puddles, those can create big hazards that can cause people to slip and fall. Falls within the home can result in serious injuries, and the best way to prevent them is just to ensure that people do not slip and fall in the first place.

1. Make sure you don´t leave ladders lying around outside of your house. People often take ladders out to put Christmas lights up on top of their house, but if you forget to bring those ladders back inside, they can create serious home security risks. A child may inadvertently climb up onto your roof and then be in danger, or a thief may use the ladder to break into an upper level of your house. Put those ladders away to keep yourself safe.

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