Lock Bumping is something you should know about so you can take the appropriate steps to protect yourself, your family, and your valuables.

You would be shocked at how easy it is to bump a lock. It requires no skill and can open a lock in seconds. Most people have no idea of the threat that lock bumping presents. It used to be that only professional locksmiths new about this technique but now unfortunately this information is widely available on the internet. The bad guys already know how to open your locks, so now is the time for you to know as well.

A bump key is a regular key that is cut at the lowest depth for each pin. With that simple design it can be placed in a lock, pulled out an 1/8 of an inch and then tapped with a screwdriver handle, or anything similar (High heel shoes work quite well too). With light pressure while bumping the lock the pins bounce up, line up, and then the cylinder turns. Just like that a criminal has gained access to your home.

So how can you protect yourself from lock bumping? You might just have to replace all of your locks with bump proof ones. Bump proof locks are not cheap so this can end up being very expensive. Consider taking other security precautions such as installing an alarm system, and cameras. Trim your hedges, and have good lighting. At least by being aware of lock bumping you can begin to protect yourself from it. Be security conscious, but remember if a criminal wants access to your home they are going to get in no matter what. The most you can do is be less of an attractive target. Put up as many deterrents as you can. This will discourage most burglars, who will move on to easier targets.

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