A common misconception is that you have to install the most high-tech security system in your home to keep your belongings safe and secure. Believe it or not, you do not need a home security system to keep yourself and your property safe. It is important, however, that you take certain measures to ensure that you are not putting yourself and your property into further danger.
While some may feel that spending the extra money for a security system will pay for itself over time, the sad fact is that it does not guarantee that you will not be targeted by would be robbers.
Some of the following mistakes can provide a welcome mat to would be burglars. Avoid these and you just might eliminate the need to install a home security system.
Hide-A-Key - You may have seen these and thought that they might be a good idea. Think again. One should never hide a key to their property ON their property. So fore-go the fake rock and don't slide the key under the doormat or under the potted Petunias. Doing so is not the answer to your home security needs and it tells a burglar to help themselves to your property. Try a fingerprint or keypad door lock instead.
Broken Locks - Speaking of locks, by not repairing or replacing a broken lock is as good as keeping the front door wide open and your most prized possessions gift wrapped for a burglar. Install solid door and window locks and make sure they are in working order.
Untamed Landscaping - That's right, mowing the lawn just got more important. By keeping foliage and shrubbery trimmed, you will remove a would be burglars hiding place. Installing motion detection lights or simply turning on the porch lights at dusk deters a burglar.
Unlocked Storage Sheds - There is nothing like providing a burglar access to your tools to help them gain entry into your home. Be sure to keep the tool shed locked and any ladders properly secure so that a burglar does not see this as an invitation to make their way to second floor windows.
Keys Ring In The Car - Don't make the mistake of leaving extra house keys in your car. Especially if you keep your car unlocked or those extra keys in plain view. Doing so just provides a burglar the ability to enter without needing to break in, as they will use your own keys to enter your home. This is most definitely not a good home security plan.
Not Turning On Your Home Security System - If you find that you are most comfortable buying that home security system, then by all means turn it on. Test it for accuracy, install any required updates and most of all, use it when ever you leave your home. Doing so will let a burglar know that they need to move on and leave you and your property alone.

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