Very interesting. . . you never know what you'll catch on surveillance cameras. . .

The following video was sent to The G.I.S. via by a man who wants to remain anonymous (for obvious reasons). He has very generously granted us permission to share this video with all of you on the condition that no names or facility names be used.

To put the video in context, an officer had heard a loud crashing noise in the kitchen area of this facility, upon investigating he discovered a plate had been thrown from the cabinet onto the floor. The beginning of this video clearly shows the plate being tossed from the kitchen cabinet and landing on the ground. This is then followed by two officers investigating and trying to explain the occurrence. The original video was over 10 minutes long so it has been edited for time but is available on request. Below is the officers original email with redacted identifying information. (Also NOTE the plate being thrown has been looped two times at the end of the video for clarity.)